Kids Trauma Conference Friday 4th August 2017

FRIDAY 4th  AUGUST                              Kids Trauma Conference 2017

Clinical Education Center:  Auckland City Hospital, Park Road, Grafton

Acute Paediatric Spinal Trauma – Research Updates –  Caring for the child and their family

Registration $100.00 –  opening soon

(this year the Kids Trauma Conference is the day after the Adult Trauma Conference)

See you there!

Transporting children with additional needs

Correct use of a child restraint significantly reduces the risk of injury to a child in the event of a car crash.   However for some parents and carers of children with disability it can be challenging to find a restraint that meets their child’s special needs.

The Royal Children’s Hospital – Melbourne – (RCH) Safety Center, together with the Australian Transportation of Children and Youth with Additional Needs (TOCAN)  have created a website resource to help Australian parents ensure their children are safely and legally restrained.

To visit the new website resource visit –